Update Order Status

Update workflow status (Third party->Spectrum)

Once an order has been submitted to Spectrum, the third-party can send Spectrum the workflow status for each order. This is done over HTTP as a REST API call.

PUT https://{SpectrumEnvironment}/api/order/status HTTP/1.1
SPECTRUM_API_TOKEN: {SpectrumApiToken}
Content-Type: application/json

The available {SpectrumEnvironment} base URLs are listed in the Environments page.

LineItem Format - Required

  • purchaseOrderNumber (string)

  • lineItems (array)

  • lineItems[n] (object)

    • recipeSetReadableId (string)

    • workflowStatus (string)

Workflow Statuses

  • not-started

  • in-progress

  • completed

  • revision

  • on-hold

  • approved

  • delivered

  • cancelled

LineItem Format: Example request body

  "purchaseOrderNumber": "HA-US-DEV00011101",
  "lineItems": [{
      "recipeSetReadableId": "ABCD1234",
      "workflowStatus": "in-progress"

Status Codes + UpdateWorkflowStatus response payload

200 (Accepted) : indicates that the request has been accepted and all line-items have been updated.

    "purchaseOrderNumber": "HA-US-DEV00011101",
    "status": "OK",
    "details": "Updated workflow status for recipeSetReadableId(s): MUEMVK2U."

409 (Conflict): indicates that the REST API can’t find one or more of the line-items.

    "purchaseOrderNumber": "HA-US-DEV00011102",
    "status": "Error",
    "details": "Unable to find recipeSetReadableId(s): MUEMVK2U."

For a multiple line-item order, if any of the line-items are missing within Spectrum, no line-items in the order are updated.

500 (Internal Server Error): indicates the error encountered with the request or an internal operation.

    "purchaseOrderNumber": "HA-US-DEV00011103", 
    "status": "Error",
    "details": "Update status for HA-US-DEV00011103 encountered an error."

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