Integration Driver

How to test the Spectrum integration within an Ecommerce system before products are modelled within Spectrum.

Adding Driver to Ecommerce platform.

Spectrum provides a driver that emulates the loading of customized products and enables integration teams to load a sample product, add it to the cart, and deliver the order acknowledgement. The following page shows an example of how to integrate the driver:

When loaded on a Product Detail Page, the driver that is embedded on the page will allow developers to:

  • Load any arbitrary SKU from Ecommerce system.

  • Load any valid recipeID can be loaded in

  • Show a simple 3d model that is loaded on page (the Spectrum logo)

  • A standard Add to Cart payload can be sent. Alternatively, a cart item can be generated.

  • Pricing & Availability data is echoed back to the client.

  • An order acknowledgement can be tested once "Add to Cart" is triggered.

If successfully loaded, the screen below should be seem on the product detail page:

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