WebToPrint (W2P)

Most customizations require web to print services that create output that can be sent to printers, embroiderers, lasermarking equipment, or other embellishment providers.

The Spectrum Web To Print API allows Spectrum clients or manufacturing partners to retrieve output files that can be used to create unique designs. The files that are returned by Spectrum differ from product to product, but are commonly high-resolution graphics files that are sized to specific dimensions and quality guidelines that were established when on-boarding the product. Spectrum prioritizes web to print requests based on the incoming date and the priority that is set on the order acknowledgement.


The typical flow to create web to print files are as follows:

  • An end user customizes a product using Spectrum web or app-based tools.

  • The customization details are stored within Spectrum as a “RecipeSet” that contains one or more recipes.

  • The user adds the item to the E-Commerce cart and purchases.

  • Once the purchase is completed, the Spectrum client POSTs an Order Acknowledgement API call to Spectrum.

  • The Order Acknowledgement will queue the item for creation of the print file. This process typically takes between 1-3 minutes depending on load.

  • The WebToPrint API route can be used to check status and/or retrieve web to print files.

Get Web to Print Status

GET https://api.spectrumcustomizer.com/api/webtoprint/:readableId

It is assumed that once an order is acknowledged, the web to print process has begun creating the print files. As such, the Web to Print route can be considered as a status route to ensure that the files are ready. The route will start the web to print process if it has not been started previously, i.e. via order acknowledgement.

Path Parameters




8 digit alphanumeric RecipeSet readable identifier.

  "customPayload": {
    "exampleName": "exampleValue",
    "exampleNameEtc": "exampleValueEtc",

W2P Queue

Spectrum uses web to print operations that translate the customization actions that a user performed on a recipe to high-quality output used in manufacturing. These operations are queued and processed in first in, first out based on the priority of the order in order acknowledgement. This means that there is no strict guarantee that an order will be processed immediately based on the number of items in the queue and processing availability.

Since backend operations are often complex and involve creating multiple high-quality outputs and specifications, it can take multiple seconds for each recipe processed to be completed in the queue. Spectrum will always favor providing adequate resources for user-facing operations which may result in delays for large orders containing many customized recipes or heavy traffic periods. In practice, orders are typically processed within minutes but can be up to one hour. To accommodate this, the web to print API exposes an endpoint that displays the status of the item in the queue and a result if it has been processed.

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