Generate Cart Item

As an alternative, or supplemental, to the traditional Add to Cart and Save Design methods, Spectrum can generate the payload data for a cart item.

An e-commerce system can call the following method, provided by Spectrum on the window object:

window.spectrumGenerateCartItem() // returns a promise

Which will trigger Spectrum to return the payload data via a native promise.

  // payload.recipeSetId: string
  // payload.items: array | null
  // payload.items[n]: object
  // payload.items[n].sku: string | null
  // payload.items[n].name: string | null
  // payload.items[n].quantity: number | null
  // payload.primaryThumbnailAngle: string | null
  // payload.thumbnailsByAngle: array | null
  // payload.thumbnailsByAngle[n].angleName: string
  // payload.thumbnailsByAngle[n].url: string
  // payload.options: object | null
  // payload.options[optionName]: string

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