Image Transforms

Manipulate images using standard resizing, scaling, and cropping operations.

QueryString API

  • width constrains the image width. w is an alias for width

  • height constrains the image height. h is an alias for height

  • dpr is a multiplier for width/height to make responsive image usage easier.

  • mode determines how to handle aspect ratio differences.

    • stretch distorts the image to be exactly the given dimensions, if scale=both. If scale=down (the default), the image is only scaled if width and height are smaller than the image.

    • pad scales the image to fit within width and height, then pads 2 edges (bgcolor) to make it.

    • crop scales the image to fit above width and height, then minimally crops to meet aspect ratio.

    • max scales the image to fit within width and height

  • scale controls whether images are upsampled or not.

    • down - Never upscale an image - return at original size instead

    • both - Downscale or upscale to meet size requirements. Image enlargement causes blurriness and should be avoided.

    • canvas - Add padding instead of upscaling to meet size requirements.

    • up - Never downscale, only upscale to meet requirements. Rarely used.

  • anchor determines how the image is aligned when you use mode=crop, mode=pad or scale=canvas. The default is middlecenter

    • values are topleft, topcenter, topright, middleleft, middlecenter, middleright, bottomleft, bottomcenter, and bottomright.

  • sflip flips the source image in the x, y, or xy dimensions.

  • flip flips the result image in the x, y, or xy dimensions.

  • srotate rotates the source image 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

  • rotate rotates the result image 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

  • crop=x1,y1,x2,y2 crops the source image to the given coordinates. If x2 or y2 are negative, they are relative to the bottom-right corner of the image. crop=10,10,-10,-10 removes 10 pixels from the edge of the image.

  • cropxunits=100&cropyunits=100 makes the crop coordinates percentages of the image instead of pixels.

  • trim.threshold=80 specifies a threshold to use for trimming whitespace.

  • trim.percentpadding=0.5 specifies percentage of padding to restore after trimming.

  • bgcolor must be in the form RGB, RGBA, RRGGBBAA, RRGGBB, or be a named color. bgcolor determines the color of padding added with mode=pad or scale=canvas.

  • ignoreicc=true causes the source image's color profile to be ignored and treated as sRGB.

  • ignore_icc_errors=true causes color profile errors to be ignored rather than causing the operation to fail.

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